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Trex World part 18

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Link to part 1

Paul woke up on the couch with lady hovering over him. He felt numb and woozy, with an itching sensation in the middle of his skull. Why am I attracted to you, Lady? You’re obviously terribly and completely bad for me.

“I didn’t realize my talk was so powerful,” she laughed.

“Shh,” she said softly when he tried to reply. He was laying down on the great circular couch. She was squatting next to him, her left leg extended full, balancing her mass with the fully bent right leg. “It looks like you had a slight hemorrhage in the old brain box, Paulie. Prolly from your run in with that, ah, high energy event. Don’t worry, though, it’s been fixed. You should be just peachy from here on out.”

Paul managed to ask “Fixed?” and then say “Thanks,” before he had to close his eyes. He had been dreaming of something. Something wicked and huge, a tendril of swirling air uncoiling itself in the skylight, scratching itself against the Expanse floor. He was taking a tube to work – work! “Oh my gawd what time is it? How long have I been out?”

“Oh, for a couple of hours now. I had to let you sleep while fixing your head, of course.”

“A couple of hours? Oh man, I am cooked, really cooked. Geoff is going to have my head if I do not get to work right…whoa boy.” And Paul’s attempt to sit up was cut off by an overwhelming rush of nausea.

The lady laughed and stood up. “Paul, you’re really going to have to slow down. It’s not healthy to rush about this way and that to some goon’s snap of the whip. Well, unless it’s for fun I suppose. She went behind the desk and Paul heard the screeching sound of the hidden drawer again but this time it went on for a second longer and Paul saw that she had pulled the drawer out entirely. She then plucked up the two Matryoshka dolls and returned to his prone form on the couch. “You’re going to be just fine, and since I now have your undivided attention, I still need to show you something before we leave.”

Deftly placing the liberated drawer concave side down on the heavily carpeted floor, the lady placed the two dolls on top of the makeshift table. She opened the second of the dolls and, of course, there was another just like it on the inside. She repeated this action three more times, for a total of seven figures. The last one was very tiny, but just as intricately detailed as her six sisters. The lady kneeled closer, eye level with the dolls. Paul felt compelled to do the same, as simple an excuse as any to be closer to her, but all he could manage was rolling onto his side, assuming a lazy kind of fetal position.

She put her hand on top of the largest doll and said, “The Expanse and the Capillaries.” Then, after pausing a moment, she moved her hand to the top of the next smallest figure and said, “The President of Business,” and continued on down the line: “The Council of Authority, the head of the company you work for, your boss’s boss, your supervisor and you.”

“This is you, and a million others just like you. This--” she said, taking the smallest doll between her index finger and thumb, observing it, her look filling it with reverence and then she placed it in his hands, “Paul, is Real, this is Now. There is no lower common denominator than you, because without you, everything else is just an empty shell, do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said, looking at the figurine she had put in his hand, testing its small weight, reveling in it’s sublime smoothness. “Yes, I think so,” and for the first time during this strange encounter he had the feeling, just a small scattered nuance of a feeling, that maybe there was something to this madwoman’s ramblings, a spotlight shining on the inadequacy of his scripted and nearly bankrupt life and it scared him, the same way his mother’s retirement had scared him because in that madness lurked some hideous truth.

To be honest...

... I've been struggling to "get" Trex World. Still not sure I do. The surreal aspects are not my cuppa, but this piece worked for me. The scene unfolded precisely, and for the first time I felt some kind of reader connection to Paul.

I also see some further possibilities with the dolls. I love to screw with people who think they have the complexity of existence summed up in a simplistic metaphor.

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Hahahah...iz alright, i'm

Hahahah...iz alright, i'm still struggling to write the sucker. I've got this place i want to get Paul to, but it's a wayz off. Ever go west across kansas or nebraska in a car? And there's well, eight hours (if yer lucky) of all this crazy flatness and then WHAM, mountains? that's the effect I'm trying to go for here, Paul's life being mostly a flat curve and then a sudden acceleration into elevation...we'll see, we'll see...thanks for stopping by!

8 hours??

Only 8 hours? What were you doing, a hundred a twenty? heh...

I think I see what you mean about the narrative arc being something of a locomotive heading toward a wall... that's cool. Keep it coming.

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Hahahah...well, cover of

Hahahah...well, cover of night and all. Left Larryville around 11 and hit the Kansa/Colo border at 3...Tacked on another three hours to the mountains as Colo Highway patrol is a little more, ah, comprehensive...And then Denver got in the way, but WAAAHTEVAH.

Heheheh...well, hopefully stuff will continue to fly. My biggest worry is digressing ad infinitum into exposition. For some reason, though, so far at least (knock on e-wood), I haven't had too much of that (comparitively speaking) with this piece.


I'm digging the doll scene man, great stuff! I would like to see it expanded a little more- perhaps some more figurative speech, but I haven't read the next part yet....Wonderful.


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Right on right on. Good to

Right on right on. Good to c u again, main! When it comes time for the Great Rewrite, I'll have to see what I can do expansion wise. It's going to prolly depend on what exactly happens to Paul in the outcome of all this mess.