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on monday: mundane journey into sunday.

the retread turn journey took me and the retired retard about five altered tickets and a full intinerary intern paycheck to check us out for good.

Far went I and prince Hal Salacee I hailed us a cabbie who was from somewhere in france If Im not mistaken. At the airport we dropped our bags in a little box which took them to a ramp which freed them from the cage which locked them in the hold and off they went.
We, meat puppets and all
waited our turn to be called and all and went instead to the salad bearing coffee refreshment counter where we had no reservations about making dinner plans right here right now and got us both a bite and sat in the food court to dine till when I don’t know.

At about nine till we made a dash for the terminal where all was well with the plane.
Now when it was time to buckle and bounce the captaine announced that his Christian name was germaine..

Flight 1353 took a preety swift rise. It was a dark sky but the sun was up there the whole time.
we were told we were welcomed to coffee and complimentary tuned out white noise and views of the so low down earth that it was a little like they were offering us nothing because we couldn’t see it.

I mentioned to Hal that when we landed we were bound for glory and he just smiled and said that since we were bred for glory we would be bound for a short story on a numerical polution rag such as a dog newspaper or a fog blog.

I didn't have a clue what he meant but I spilled my coffee on us both in a polite way.

We entered tommorrow in about 3 hours and one half of the horizon was rizin in gold streams of husk damage from the world egg.
(I know that one half of the planet dies while the other gets born you don’t got to tell me.)

When the great plains came up and the small plane touched down I was ready to pack up and get the fuck off when we taxied on the run way and the pilot was bewildered as to why.

I asked hal what was on his mind and all I won’t lie but I got was a bored "bluhhh"

Today was the last leg of our journey because were home now and have grown weary of the tired and cold feast. I tell you this because I need to vacuum and Hal has found the hereafter down a small well in his village he wished in when he was a little villain.

There’s a nice patch of peach trees there too.