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Delya Pasinia - Part III

Delya Pasinia - Part I
Delya Pasinia - Part II


Delya awoke with a scream. She screamed until her throat was parched and sore and she could scream no more. When she stopped she realized that the screaming hadn't. Someone else was still screaming. Where was she? The last thing she remembered was leaving her fathers room with Drivet. Papa had been screaming. Was that him screaming? Was that him? She had to find her Papa. She tried to sit up and she found that she could indeed scream more after all. The pain in her left side had returned and if anything it was worse. She was unable to move. As she lay there she just kept asking herself, "Is that Papa? Where was Momma and Gill and little Valya? Someone please help!"

She had no sense of time as she lay there crying for her family. At one point her own throat gave out again. Later on the owner of the other scream gave up as well. Sometime later she found she had fallen asleep and awoken again. The screamer had begun again and later died out. Her own sobs came back and faded away from exhaustion more than once. Why was no one coming to help her? She was beginning to realize that she was very, very hungry.

They had left her here unable to get up and forgotten about her. She shifted her weight to her right side and slowly lifted herself. Slowly looking around the room she saw no sign anyone had been near recently. Suddenly her eyes shifted back to a dark corner. Something was there. "Wh..." She tried to get the question out, but her voice hurt so bad. What was there? Something was in the corner. Was it a monster?

Slowly a small figure emerged from the shadow. The man was a Trevvan, but he was the smallest she had ever seen. He was hunchbacked, withered and bald. The thing looked directly into her eyes and smiled with cracked lips. A noise escaped her mouth that was both scream and sob at once.

"Now why do you scream like that little itty bitty one?" The man moved towards Delya without shifting his gaze. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to get a closer looky see. Oh... What a pretty little one. Pretty, pretty. To bad everyone is too busy with the fighting to check in on you."

The smile on the mans face scared her. He reached the table putting his hand on her shoulder. Delya tried to back away from him, but fell backwards hitting her head. Through the spinning of her head she felt his hands moving along her shoulder, along her neck and down her chest.

"What is going on in here? Fellun! I should have known! Why you weren't exiled years ago I will never understand. Guards!" Delya opened her eyes and saw Drivet was standing with his hand around the mans throat. A man in a sharp black uniform came in and stood between Drivet and the door. Drivet took the creature and spun him around towards the guard. "How did this man get in here?"

Delya watched as the guard looked at Drivet and stammered. "I only stepped away for a second sir! He couldn't have gotten in here."

"I said two people on the door, Dall you! Get this man to the council and make sure they know he tried to hurt this little girl. Get! Get out of my site! And get someone to bring this girl something to eat and drink." The guard scurried out with Fellun in toe glancing back at Drivet as he did.

Drivet turned slowly back to her. "Are you ok, Delya? I'm sorry you had to... I'm sorry about Fellun. You were supposed to be treated better than that. Are you ok?"

Delya slowly sat up again and looked at him. She tried to answer, but only a cough came out. Drivet put a finger over his lips and another under her chin. She felt him gently pull her head up to look at him. After a short wait another man dressed in the black uniform of the guard came in with a cup of water and half a sandwich. As she watched Drivet motioned towards her and the guard handed the water over. After placing the sandwich in her lap he stepped back to the doorway and tried to be invisible.

She tried to gulp the water down and Drivet pulled the cup out of her hand. Looking up at him in surprise she saw he was still smiling. He put the cup up to her lips and allowed her to sip at it only. Then he picked up the sandwich and allowed her to take it. She started to eat greedily, but then looked up at Drivet again. Eating slowly she finished the sandwich and sipped more water. "More please, sir?"

Drivet shook his head at her. "You've only had water for over a week. Your stomach can't handle anymore. And will you do me a favor? Please call me Drivet, not sir? Now, do you feel better?"

Speaking softly Delya answered him. "It hurts. It hurts so bad. No one answered when I cried." She felt tears begin to well up in her eyes as she looked up at Drivet.

Drivet turned back to look at the guards. "When I said no one was to enter the room I didn't mean for you fools to ignore her! How long has she been awake? Fools!"

Drivet sat gently on the side of the bed and she felt his arm gently upon hers. "I'm sorry Delya. Things have been very... hectic with the fighting. I planned to get back with you sooner. I'm going to personally take care of you from now on."

"Now, your wounds. When you fell in the hall after visiting your father you re-broke your bones. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get a healer in to see you. I promise you we are going to get you back on your feet by the end of the day." Drivet turned from her and called the guard over from the doorway. After a few whispered words that Delya couldn't hear the guard left. "Now, I want to be your friend Delya. Does that sound good? Is their anything I can do for you?"

Delya looked up at him. Drivet was the only person other than her father who had even talked to her since she had gotten here. She didn't want to be friends with him right now though. She just wanted her family. "My family. Where is my Papa and Momma? Where is Gill? Baby Valya? I'm supposed to take care of Valya. Is he alright?"

"Calm down," Drivet tried to sooth her, but she didn't feel soothed. "Your Papa is almost fully recovered. Your Momma is here too and she is taking care of little Valya." Delya watched him and waited for him to go on. She didn't understand why he wasn't continuing. Finally she felt his hand squeeze hers tight. "I wanted your father to be the one to break this to you. I can tell you are not going to be willing to wait. Alya, your older sister, your 'gill' where you come from, she was found dead in the woods. I'm sorry."

Delya began to cry and Drivet put his arms around her. He didn't scare her like the creepy man had. He just hugged her the way her father did. She cried for a long time for her Gill until finally Drivet lifted her chin up. "The healer is here now. I'm going to leave you two alone, but I'll be back later. I promise."

"No! Don't go sir... Don't go, Drivet. I don't want to be alone anymore. Please?" She pleaded with him.

Drivet had been getting up to leave, but he turned back to her. She saw the smile and his face and was relieved. "Alright Delya. I'll stay with you. I know you have been through a lot lately. I'll stay with you and keep you company. You'll always be safe so long as you're with me." He smiled again at her as the healer came in to treat her.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
© Flendon

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Further improvement. Curious, though, if these Trevvan are the enemy, why is this one taking such interest?

You used the expression 'Dall you.' How does one 'Dall' another, anyway? How does that work?

Also, "Get out of my site." Substitute with 'sight.' Common error.

4 stars for this one, for improvement. Nice work.


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