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Delya Pasinia - Part II

Delya Pasinia - Part I

Delya had horrible nightmares. She dreamed of constant screaming and crying. She cried herself, but she didn't know why. She had a vague memory of her bones being set, but the memory repeated over and over again. Were the screams hers? Who else would be screaming? At one point she had looked in a mirror and all of the skin had been gone from one side of her face. She remembered a knife. What about the knife? It wavered on the edge of her memory.

Finally Delya awoke and her head was clear. She lifted her arm and looked at it. The arm still hurt considerably, but she could move it again. There was no sign of a burn there as she had feared. How long had she been out? What horrible nightmares. She gingerly swung her leg over the side of the bed and placed her weight on it ever so slowly. She felt the sharp pain of needles in her leg as if she had been sitting on it for some time, but it did not go away after a few seconds. She could walk if she held onto something, but it took all of her will.

Delya began to slowly make her way out of her room to find her Papa. That's when she heard the screams again. So they weren't just part of her nightmares. Who was... "Momma," she croaked the question out of a parched throat. Was that her mom screaming? She began stepping a little bit faster despite the pain. She found a door and swung it open to find an empty room. Hurrying along she found another and then another, both empty. She turned a corner and was looking for another door when a handsome young Trevvan came around the corner.

Stopping to stare up at him she was lost in his eyes and forgot about her search. He towered over her, the most beautiful man she had ever seen; except her father of course she added shaking her head. Taking in his blond hair and dark skin she smiled up at him. She still wasn't quite sure what made Trevvan different from elves. He had to be about 90, she guessed, still not quite an adult. "I'm looking for my Papa. His name is Pasinia Deriya. Do you know him," she asked the man.

"Of course I know him, Delya. I was sent to check on you. I'm glad to see you up and about already." His smile was so sweet that Delya feel into step beside him, easily keeping up with his slow pace. "I'm sorry we haven't been able to more properly tend your wounds. Do they hurt much?"

Delya tried to smile at her new friend, but it turned into a grimace as she put too much weight on her left leg. "It really hurts... um, Sir..."

"Oh, my manners. I know your name, but you don't know mine." Stopping to turn to her the Trevvan smiled down at her in a manner that said they were going to be good friends. "My name is Drivet. And you are Delya Deriya, daughter of Pasinia the diplomat. I believe you have met my father before. Do you remember Drannian of the council?"

Delya bubbled up as they began walking again. "Drannian! Oh he gave me some frena! Do you have any?" She turned to look up at him beseechingly. She had never had frena before coming to the village with her father and never missed an opportunity to get a piece now that she had tasted it.

"I'm afraid even if I did candy is the last thing you need in your current condition. Oh don't frown. I'm sure you will have plenty once you are better. Now that your village is gone you will be staying here for some time. Oh I thought that might make you happy. Ahh, here we are though." Her face had steadily been getting more excited as Drivet talked. Now though she saw her father reclining in a chair and limped at almost a run to his side.

"Delya! Girl what are you doing up? You should be resting? Why did you bring her here Drivet? You had no right!" Pasinia's voice held considerable anger as he spoke to the Trevvan.

"Papa! I was on my way here when Drivet helped show me the way. He only helped me. Don't be mad at him Papa!" Delya gave him her sweetest smile.

Pasinia sighed and then smiled. "I'm sorry sweet one. I'm just a little... distracted by everything that's happened the last couple of days. What's wrong?"


"You hadn't realized yet. Stupid..." Pasinia looked sad. "I'm sorry Delya. You were hurt very badly. It's been three days sweet one. A lot of things have happened. A lot of things..."

"Papa. Why won't you hug me?" Delya studied him for several moments before he answered. He was simply laying back in his chair and had made no move to embrace her.

"I can't sweet one. You're not the only one hurt Delya. You know that I want nothing more than to hold you if I could." Pasinia stared at his daughter and began to sob.

Drivet placed a hand on her shoulder and she gasped. She had completely forgotten he was there. "This has been very hard on your father Delya. Perhaps we should go back to your room. You need more rest anyways. Come."

As the two left the room a gruff looking Trevvan was coming down the hall and Drivet hurried her along. As they turned a corner Delya turned back and saw the stranger entering her father's room. At the next turn in the hall a scream echoed throughout the building. She turned back, but Drivet grabbed her arm. "Don't. You don't want to go back there. Your father is being taken care of. Trust me, please?" Starring up into his eyes she tried to say no, but got lost in their blackness. The black seemed to go on and on until she was surrounded by the darkness.

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© Flendon

I like this world's sense of

I like this world's sense of menace, always lurking in the background. The feeling that things are clearly going wrong, even if Delya is too young to understand exactly what's happening.

It's also ominous that her father seems worse off in this part than he did at the end of part one.

Thank you. Those are things

Thank you. Those are things that I worried about if they would come across right. I'm glad to hear that they do.

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Good. Less to pick apart this time. Less happened here, but that's not a bad thing. Only a few things this time:

Firstly, what the heck is a Trevvan, anyway? Descriptions aren't in abundance here, either, and I'm left with a complete blank when trying to picture this type of creature/humanoid/space man.

Also, kudos on correct use of the word beseechingly. Had to look it up to double check. Google is great for that.

Also, it is implied, or perhaps assumed, that the use of magic is speeding her healing/recovery time. No healer in the modern world can graft skin and set bones in three days time.

I look forward to the next section.


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