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Discussion: Hump Day Hoopla

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Wednesday Discussion

I'm going to start this by suggesting that every Wednesday someone(s) come up with a different topic of discussion that relates to OpenLit/Social Publishing/Writing and so on. Why the deadline? Besides the reference to Lenny Zero's developing story, it would appear that published authors tend to work under deadlines, whether enforced by a publisher or by their own selves.

By encouraging an open forum, it might loosen up some keyboards that are otherwise hesitant to contribute. So, what does the Cloud think of this? There's quite a lot we could discuss, so...discuss!

The One Eyed One Horned Flying Purpose Driven People Eater

Seems to me that there's so many purposes in writing: entertaining self, entertaining others,
academic endeavors, tedious work related paper trails, love notes, birthday cards, letters to
the editor, letters of resignation...

The deadline can be a stern professor or a beautiful siren,
but it's always there for anyone with anything to say.

Of course, I've had some professors that were sirens in the off-hours.

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Im of the nature-- always have been...
that when something is a duty its not fun anymore so I wont do it.

am an all purpose procrastination maestro

for example. Ive always posted on this site when I have had to work on this mammoth paper that Im supposed to have constant deadlines on every friday for. I chose the topic... its something that facinates me but

lo and behold...
I have had more fun here.

check this

something like this perhaps?:

I hope it's still up when you link it, it's getting a ton of traffic. Cheers!

that picture is the first thing Im going to show the class when

I present the paper.

(if I get that far)

its better than my dog at my

its better than my dog at my homework!

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kelson.philo's picture 'duty' would be the wrong frame of mind i'm a-searchin' for here. I'm not really searching for every clouder to submit a discussion, but am going for more of an encouragement of getting peeps to talk about stuff and things. To not be scared of the Big White Space that shows up when you click 'Create content'.

Interestingly enough, you seem to suggest that your muse strikes when you're having to do, ah, more tedious work? Has this always been so?

Fear of a White Space (with apologies to Chuck D)

I accept your suggestion and raise (all of) you a topic:

I'm heading out for a week of societal detoxification on Monday-
if I were to take ONE book with me- what should I take and WHY?

every wall collapses, given enough time.

Jack Vance

Mask:Thaery by Jack Vance

I haven't read it, but I did ask a random person at work what their favorite SF book was, this was it. I just bought it online.

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That'll be a good

That'll be a good opportunity to put a review up on Oort!

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Air, by Geoff Ryman.

Air, by Geoff Ryman. Link.

Period. The End.


lord of the rings tolkien
catch 22 Heller
Mason and Dixon Pynchon
king lear and read it over and over again because it becomes a different work each time.