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WoW II Timeline - Technology


  • May
    • Dr Wilhelm Kress of Austria makes the first powered flight in an airplane design based loosely on the Martian airship he observed the previous year in London


  • September
    • Rolls-Royce Limited converts a Martian 'air turbine' to run on kerosene instead of hydrogen
  • December
    • Rolls-Royce Limited achieves first flight with a 'air turbine' powered aircraft



  • January
    • Project Adept is initiated at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to develop tangential technologies based upon the martian heat ray.


  • March
    • Project Adept produces an experimental mobile anti-aircraft unit based upon the martian heat ray.


  • November
    • Project Adept produces an engine unit based upon the heat ray, largely experimental it is prone to failure


  • July
    • Project Adept joins the Manhattan Project at the newly created Los Alamos National Laboratory

Anachronism: Los Alamos

It looks like Los Alamos wasn't created until the start of the Manhatten project. Are we going to move that up to 1930? Or should Project Adept start at a college somewhere instead, and move to Los Alamos during WWII?

Note: I was planning on moving the Manhatten project up by four years (to 1938) anyway. That fits with a story fragment I am working on. I would rather not move it earlier than that though...


hmmm...I did not even think to check on Los Alamos dates! Yeah, starting at a college then moving to Los Alamos w/ the Manhattan project, sounds good to me!

Edit: hows that?

Hand-held heat ray?

I would call a hand-held unit pretty unlikely. Right now I am assuming that an operating heat ray is using the full output of two turbine generators in order to work.

So, even if you could have a hand-held unit size-wise, it would be attached to a large cart with a generator in order to get enough power.

I can come up with some ways to make this work, but it will take a little thinking...


I removed it, having no hand held (martian) weapons actually makes my story work a little better! I haven't read Wells in a while, so let me know if anything I post doesn't jive right...thanks.