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WoW II Timeline

This is the top level for the Second War of the Worlds timeline. Please add any historical categories below this level.

Categories include Technology, Politics, Arts, War, and so on. Each category page will contain short descriptions of pertinent events, linked (if possible) to contributed entries or wikipedia articles giving more information about the event.

Pertinent events can include both 'alternate' and 'real' history, so long as they have bearing on the shared universe of WoW II.

Forgive me for being dense...

I'm trying to get the hang of the book page format.Please correct me if I am wrong.
1.The above page is basically the starting point for the story.
2.If I wanted to include something in the project, I would edit the timeline under the appropriate heading (eg WoW II Timeline - Technology), or create a new topic heading of my own.
3.Then do I just create a new blog post or do I create it under a "child page"?


We are all feeling this out as we go...

Answers below (numbered):

1. Yes, sort of. In this case it is only the starting point for the timelines, which we are currently doing as outlines.

2. Yes, but it only applies to editing timelines. For a contribution (story, news article, etc) you would post to your own blog and tag it with 'WoW II'. If you can, also update the timeline with a short entry to reflect your contribution and with a link back to your blog post.

3. Child pages of this page are only for timeline categories at this time. However, if you need a new timeline category feel free to add it.

Note: I am probably going to add some other pages later for things like Martian Tech and other general topics. These may result in making this page a child of a more general page.