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My name is Rob Clements.

I joined Oort-cloud to explore the idea of open lit, to give/receive constructive criticism, and to find a like minded community where I can read/post great sci-fi.

So thank you all for posting your works, I really enjoy them!

-Rob (alphaborie)

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hey, thar, alpha, have you

hey, thar, alpha, have you had any troubles with things you posted suddenly getting zapped? omnitrext part 3 is just gone, along with comments! I've sent a msg to the moderators and will see what i can see.


I tried to post part 5 of skullhack on the main blog. I gt a statement saying that my blog has been created, but nothing came up. So I did it again. Same answer. This AM PaulBHartzog emailed me saying I had posted it twice, and to please remove one. But I don't see it at all. Also the group for WIKI announcement has been removed, although I suspect they might have done that becaus the groups weren't working yet. Incidentally, an Oort-Cloud WIKI page (Edit: in some strange coincedence (sp?) the WIKI page I created is gone too, so that is a dead link for now.) has been created. I'm sure it'll get figured out. I thought I was going crazy for a second


Even though you got here before me, I introduced myself first, so it's still okay.

Cool; welcome, Rob. I'm a

Cool; welcome, Rob. I'm a newbie myself, though I guess the site is new enough that all but the creators are probably newbies.