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Omnitrex Tech part 2

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Link to part 1

Paul called up Daemon Joe, his banker.

"Joe here, how can i help you paul?" Joe's image was an avatar of an electric star in a pinstripe suit and silk tie. It bobbed around the trex's screen like an animate bowl of gelatin. Pulsating music was in the background. The interface simply screamed bountiful credits.

"Joe, my food supply has gone to dust. What's the story?"

"Seems here, Paul, that you aren't budgeting too well. My advice: don't live beyond your means."

"But I should have had enough for a full course meal tonight! It's my special night of the year..."

" it is," said Joe, after scanning a paper that materialized in front of him. "Tell you what, if we redivert some funds from your transportation script, I could swing you a level 2 meal package. You'll have to pay a refinancing fee, of course."

"Level 2? Oh man, I was hoping for a level 3 Swanson Deal today, Joe. It's my special day.

Joe sighed visibly and audiably. "Paul," he said, "You simply haven't got the cred for that kind of thing right now. Your 3 mortages are simply eaiting up your paycheck, and then, what's this? An actual earthenware script? what were you thinking paul, those authentic licenses are expensive."

I know, it's just...this is supposed to be my day, do you know what I mean Joe?" he siged and looked around his sparsley furnished pad. "Alright. What's the weather supposed to be tomorrow?"

A ting went off in the lower right hand corner of his trex's screen. A deduction had been made from one of his accounts to pay for Joe's information exchange. A moment after this, a tick went off under Paul's right eye. "Dammit all," he thought.

"Looks like a beautiful partly cloudy day, no scheduled rainfall, Paul."

"OK, then. Work out that level 2 for me. I'm hungry."

"Yes sir, very good. Will there be anything else, Paul?"

"I don't think so, Joe, thanks for...whatever."

Daemon Joe blinked off the trex's screen and Paul sighed. Next to the solitary noodle, which was still slightly warm, he beamed up a slab of buttery protein cake. Not disgusting, not lasagne, either. He had just enough cred left to trex out a single, small candle that lit itself as soon as it was placed upright in the cake.
Carefully he remembered the words his mom and dad had once used, before they went into retirement.

"Happy Birthday, Paul" he said to no one in particular, and blew the candle out.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Creeps me out

I like it. It sccares me a little, and its really not too far-fetched. Im curious about the direction you are going to take with Paul. Is he going to fight? is he going to submit? is he going to something completely unexpected? Those are the types of questions I was asking myself when I was done reading. looking foward to the next one. -Alpha