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The Chimera Mythos

I've just posted the first two parts of a flash fiction piece I'm calling The Chimera Mythos: Tales of Gnostic Horror. Each installment will be 200 words; the whole set will clock in at 1,000.

Part 1: "The Ghoul"
Part 2: "The Stranger"
Part 3: "The Dragon"


I understood that it was the same narrator but I've read your Ghoul story before. The stories do make me want to know more and I like the perspective.

Interesting sketches

I thought both pieces were quite interesting. I do wish, though, that they had been a bit longer.

It seemed like you had grasped hold of two intriguing characters, but perhaps hadn't given yourself quite enough room to bring out their full realization. Especially given the potential complexity of something like 'gnostic horror' (which is a terrific concept and title, by the way).

These are a good start. I guess, I'd just like to see you build on them.

As would I ;)

The extremely low word count is an exercise in flash fic; I want to see if I can tell a whole story in 200 words. If you were left wanting more, that's good (there's more in the works). If you felt the story itself was incomplete, then I have a problem.

Speaking of which, both The Ghoul and The Stranger share a common narrator. Was that not apparent? (It's kind of important, as I want the full collection to chronicle his descent into madness/enlightenment.)


True enough. I should have

True enough. I should have expressed myself more carefully and specified that I had a sense of incompleteness, or at least, that both pieces might have greater potential even within the word limit. Having said that, mine is only one opinion.

I did miss that they share the same narrator, though. Again, this may have been something that other readers did catch.

And in any case, I would certainly be interested in seeing you develop the Chimera Mythos further!