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The Ghoul

"If you're not human, what are you?" I shouldn't have asked during our first session. He didn't know and it drove him mad. Instead, I would ask, "Why don't you feel human?"

"I feel like there's something inside me and I'm the mask it wears. I'm the sheep's clothing." He loved that allusion. "Sometimes, the real me comes out and does... things. I want to stop it, but I can't because I'm not real. It's real... and it hungers."

"Humans are cannibals, too," I often reminded him, but his dissociative personality disorder ran deep. He claimed to not show up on film, so I taped a session and we watched it. He said that was just a picture of the mask. The real him wouldn't show up. Convenient.

Possession has a long history. Most claim something takes control from outside, but some say the Other was always there, waiting. There are online communities full of people who think they're not human, but they don't eat people.

One day, they found him gnawing on another inmate's ribcage. It took a dozen guards and 24 bullets to bring him down. I asked for the tapes, but the cameras weren't working that day.

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Are these going to be flash

Are these going to be flash pieces? or intro's to larger works?

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Oort-cloud won't let me vote, but I think it's very good


I filed a 3-star vote on your behalf ;)