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Omnitrex Tech

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Paul dialed lasagna on his omnitrex and aimed it at his plate. the beam lined the plate back and forth in it's odd fashion, 'jetting condensed matter in waves upon waves, layers upon layers on the dinnerware, itself having just been trexed out just five minutes ago. A real nice earthenware piece, too. Genuine licensed Frankoma reproduction. Infrared from the trex was heating up the lower layers of noodles and sauce even as it was developing more noodly goodness. Gawd, did it smell good and wasn't Paul's mouth watering when>ding!<

The process stopped. nothing further was being trexed. "ShightAlmighty!" Paul yelled, looking at the device's output. His food subscription, it seemed, was out of cred, and his bank just sent them notice of insufficent funds. "Crap." muttered Paul. One noodle it is, then.

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I'm thinking Paul should

I'm thinking Paul should have picked a lower resolution. Might have been able to squeak out a few more noodles.

I swear, if something like this actually comes true some day, I would *not* be surprised! =)

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der reszo-lew-shuns

ha! brilliant! of course, we're going to discover Paul isn't the kind of fellow who thinks ahead like that, not at first anyway. i want to create this kind of super micromanaged ipod world where theoretically, technology should have liberated humankind, but instead it's been used as a controlling snare.

Absolutely everything is subscription based, in a kind of reduction to absurdity sort of fashion. And it will be hard to break the pattern, because trex's are cool looking just like any pod on the market these days...

there is, hopefully, still a strain of humanity that is of the persnikity (sp?) variety and will hopefully give Paul a different way of looking at things, and not in a 'let's get back to basics' way, either.

Sounds like a really

Sounds like a really interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

I hate it when that happens.

I Dig the tags.

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originally i had ipods make you slaves, and then i noticed that the tag bot sorted them out so it wouldn't make a sentence and so i added some more. yah. i h8 it when tech is used in such a fashion. even more so when people let it happen out of a raw, "Keeping up with the Jones's" kind of desperation.