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Tags and Titles

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I have noticed some interesting trends (and the potential for more) emerging here on Here is a brief rundown.

First, there is the use of various "fiction" tags, regarding which a "nonfiction" tag would be equally useful.

Second, I have seen someone post something that is a discussion item with a title that begins "Discussion: " and the tag "discussion". Similarly, one might post a review with a title of "Review: " and the tag "review", or "Fiction: " and "fiction".

This a useful idea for a number of reasons:

  1. It insures that a given post will be locatable later by a variety of means.
  2. It also means that someone tracking an RSS feed can quickly see which posts they want to check by the opening word of the title (if they are tracking the base Oort-Cloud feed and not some specific feed like a tag feed or a comments feed (more about that in another post).

Obviously, this could be taken to extremes, but, like most things, if used in moderation, can be handy. At least until RSS Readers can show tags for posts instead of just titles (some probably already can :-) ).

Oh... really?

There are comment feeds? I've been hoping for something like that.

Now, one of the uses of tags I saw that I didn't like- well, I can't help but mention a name, since that's the tag. Mr. Stanleylieber tagged a buttload of stories with his name. That's needless, since I can find all his stories by looking at his blog.


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