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OpenLit Milestone and an First

Paul B. Hartzog's picture

Greetings, Terrestrials and Extras, we have an OpenLit milestone and an Oort-Cloud (and possibly a science-fiction/fantasy/publishing) first.

In OpenLit we address two kinds of openness: open distribution and open content.

On Thu, 02/22/2007 @ 03:32 hafoc posted his Lance Steele story Cold Boot which opens with this remark:

Introducing Lance Steele! For reasons which shall become obvious, I'm thinking of donating him to this community. I bet people could have a HOOT playing around with him.

I responded with some encouraging comments in Lance Steele for Everybody, and even suggested:

Heck, get enough people to write Lance Steele stories, and maybe we can talk a publisher into printing an anthology....

Hafoc adjusted his Creative Commons license to allow for derivative works, announced his change, and the rest, as they say, is future-history.