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da bawm, pt 1: SEED

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Oh, this hallowed ground.
Be merciful and let us once again expand upon thee.
In Ludd's Name, amen.

Sometimes it's dangerous carrying analogies too far. Such was the case for the creators of the Hawking Bomb. Their screams still echo in the midnight halls of yesterday's dreams. Damn them to hell for unleashing such nightmares.

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notes for the day

jackson mills peered into the viewfinder and his eyes widened. "Incoming shards, forward quadrants, moving fast!"
"identify the shards mister mills," said capt. reketer calmly
"twelve banshees, a chimera and two cthullus, cap'n."
"icebreakers, on the ready!" called the captain. "our first priority is taming those cthullus. He tapped a control on the center pedestal. "All hands this is the captain. we are underattack. ready your earplugs. avoid contact with bulkheads conjoined with the outer hull. that is all."

notes. shards are the remnants of posthuman psyche's set free by a hawking bomb. they fight entropy through shear reproductive force. eventually, they will lose the fight but that will take several biohuman lifetimes.

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the basics

The hawking bomb developed as an analogy to all the Singularity Sprech. A singularity (unless under very special circumstances) implies and event horizion. Well, there's hawking radiation invovling virtual particles evaporating the black hole. The entropy of black holes as it were. The HB involves accelerating the entropy of any singular entity. it's slow at first and speeds up exponentially. what happens to the entity as more and more of it evaporates? what's left of that already dislodged psyche? here there be dragons