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"...authors create and distribute their work, and readers, individually and collectively, including fans as well as editors and peers, review, comment, rank, and tag, everything."
-- from Social Publishing
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Stalker Prince 14

Act 1 Scene 14

Lisonse is shown biking home with shaky balance. Once home, he falls asleep on the floor. Lisonse wakes up around six and bikes to the hub. Mr.Chesney stops him at the door.

Mr.Chesney: “What’s your deal? First you’re late, and you didn’t even show up yesterday.”

Lisonse: “Wait, I was here yesterday.”

Mr.Chesney: “That was Wednesday. I’ve been giving you a little lee way on account of your beat downs, but this cuts it...”

Lisonse: “Please don’t. I need this job. Well, I’m applicable for welfare, but I like being employed.”

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Stalker Prince 13

Act 1 Scene 13

TV: “A full person is aware of their environment. You are full people. Full people are part of The Organization. The Organization’s information is for full people only.”

The film ends and the youths get up.

Mr.Walson: “I think we’ll call it quits for today. Get a good night’s sleep.”

The youths leave. Lisonse is shown entering his house and placing his personal bike its place. He then eats, brushes his teeth, takes a shower and goes to bed.

Last Flight of the Admiral Stalkforth 8

He tugged at the reeds with both hands, then raised them up and regarded his handiwork. He had fashioned a small crown with the green stone set into its center. He offered it to the Officer, but the other man made no move to take it. Shrugging, he tossed it into the silver pool.

“Why did you really come to Lumina?” the Officer asked at last.

“To escape I suppose, but also because I did not want to live in a universe where war was the sole antidote to barbarity.”

“But battle is the only way to keep people honest, it’s human nature.”

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Stalker Prince 12

Act 1 Scene 12

Lisonse and the others hit the showers. Afterwards they enter the sim room with Lisonse being the first to put on his helmet. The world melts away. He’s alone in the middle of the woods. He taps the ground, looking satisfied by the additional senses he’s experiencing. Soon enough, the others arrive.

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Stalker Prince 11

Act 1 Scene 11

Mr.Walson and Lisonse are circling each other with Wright and Rob in the background.

Mr.Walson: “Throw your best shot.”

Lisonse throws a punch, only to be blocked and then slapped by Mr.Walson.

Mr.Walson: “Fair enough. Give me a kick.”

Lisonse kicks only to be blocked and slapped by Mr.Walson.

Mr.Walson: “I said ‘hit me’”

Lisonse: “Well, you technically said you’d li..”

Mr.Walson slaps Lisonse hard enough to knock Lisonse over.

Last Flight of the Admiral Stalkforth 7

A rustling sound woke him. He sat up and looked around. Perched on a rock a little ways off was the Admiral, brow creased as he delicately wove together several strands of reeds. The Officer looked down in horror at his mud-stained uniform. The abruptness of waking had shocked him back into his former self, if only temporarily. His entire body tensed up at the state of his hygiene.

“How long have I been asleep?” he asked sharply.

“Some time.”

“And how long have you been here?”

“Oh, some time, some time.”

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Stalker Prince 10

Act 1 Scene 10

The helmet comes off and Lisonse steps out of the chair, looking confused. He is then shown doing exercises (bench presses, crunches, jogging, etc). Afterwards, Lisonse is shown leaving the locker room when Mr.Walson appears.

Mr.Walson: “You’re not about to leave, are you? We’re just about to start another movie. Pretty good one. Besides a little more time won’t hurt.”

Lisonse: “Guess not”

Lisonse follows Mr.Walson into the TV room and finds Wright, Santi, and Rob already watching. Santi nods at him. The movie starts.

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Stalker Prince 9

Act1 Scene 9

Lisonse is in a large white empty room. He moves around a bit, tapping the ground to feel its reaction. Lisonse exits the room to find a large white hallway with several white doors. He opens a few to find large rooms inside. There is no furniture. After running for as long as he can, Lisonse finds that there is no end to the hallway. He has to sit to catch his breath.

Last Flight of the Admiral Stalkforth 6

The path, barely wide enough for one person, twisted between behemoth trees twice the height of the bungalows in the village. All was shrouded in near darkness by the locked-tight canopy, and electrically charged bugs flew through the air in great numbers, breaking apart into a shower of sparks at the slightest contact. The ground sank underfoot but did not break, as if an ocean of mud lay just below a latticework of grass. Faint chiming calls echoed from above and overlapped endlessly, creating a polyphonous chorus.

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Stalker Prince 8

Act 1 Scene 8

Lisonse follows his basic routine but before leaving, he logs onto his computer and checks for routes not bordering dead zones. Lisonse looks at the spot where is work bike used to be and clutches at the sky in bizarrely serious pose.

Lisonse: “Why!” in a growling voice.

He then grabs his personal bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub, grabs his packages and leaves. Mr. Chesney says nothing. Lisonse rides around skittishly for the rest of the day, but delivers all the packages and goes home.

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