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Purify - Chapter 8 Lisa and the Yaks

The role of a deck hand on a freighter carrying like the yak-like creatures (which for the sake of simplicity we shall call Yaks) from Stratford to Romford was not pleasant at the best of times. The weather on Guger was not helping and the chief herdsman, called Gatrinar, wasn’t helping either. In fact he seemed to have it in for Lisa as soon as he learnt that a girl had been hired by the shipping company to be his assistant. Though his dog took a shine to her.

Purify - Chapter 7 Continents Ilford and Romford

Lisa and Carrie decided to split up and take a continent each. Since they didn’t know what to call the two other thirds of Guger they settled on continents Ilford and Romford.

Lisa took Romford, the slightly larger of the two. She managed to get passage on a livestock freighter as a deck hand assistant. Quite what a female deck hand assistant’s job was she wasn’t sure but she would pick it up as she went along. She judged this to be part of the whole ‘getting to know Guger’ experience.

Purify - Chapter 6 On Board the Eric Laithwaite

“We’ve found another one, captain, we need to set course for the Lyral sector,”

“Are you sure it’s worth it?” Captain Ken asked, “I mean, how do we know that any of this is making any difference at all?”

“Ken, we’ve gone over this. When we were thinking about how to stop the disgusting trade in misery that is represented by the Time Command project, Den’s was the only non-violent solution that offered any chance of turning the tide of public opinion.”

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W00topia, Pt 1 - transportation

I have recently returned from visiting the remarkable city of W00topia. So few people visit there, and even less return. Indeed, it is difficult to say if the silence and aversion that cloaks general knowledge of W00topia is a conspiracy of that land or of our own. All I understand is that the entirety of the video and images of my trip are gone from my phone; my texts have been deleted from the phones of others; my updates to, and the very entry of, W00topia has disappeared from Wikipedia.

Purify - Chapter 5 On Guger

“Will we be safe here?” Lisa asked.

“Sure we will,” said Carrie, “they can’t see us, remember?”

“I know but it just feels odd sitting here, amongst them without them seeing us. It’s as though they are looking right at us.”

“They can only see through us,” reassured Carrie, “Look, I’ve done this dozens of times; admittedly, it’s usually on a planet without much in the way of a surviving population but the principle is the same.”

Purify - Chapter 4 - On board the SS Tony Robinson

On board the Tony Robinson, captain Danno was carrying out some routine checks. Though his mind was not on them but rather on the two women that he had let jaunt to the planet’s surface.

“Tony, how are the girls doing?”

“Over in trench four our diggers have uncovered some amazing finds, Captain,” replied the ship’s AI.

“Yes but are they still OK?”

“Of course, Captain, they have found the ground to be very forgiving and their trowels are hardly worn.”

Purify - Chapter 3 - Time Command

“Why didn’t you show me this message analysis before?” commander Stakus bellowed.

“Because it wasn’t there before,” pleaded communications officer Uli.

“What do you mean not there before? How could it have appeared from nowhere?” Stakus asked, incredulously.

Purify - Chapter 2 - String Theory

The next morning the crew that had managed to sleep woke up with more questions than ever. The captain was wondering if he could get some help from Earth base.

“Tony, tell me again why we cannot use Strings to communicate.”


If you are not from the UK you won't necessarily get the humour about the ship's A.I. voice. Here in the UK we have an archaeology program fronted by a chap called Tony Robinson in serious mode. You may be familiar with him as Baldrick in the Black Adder comedy series (playing against Rowan Atkinson as Black Adder). Suffice to say that he is over enthusiastic about archaeology and the 'trenches' that the experts dig to make their discoveries. Either way - I hope you enjoy my story - Purify...

Chapter 1 - Early.

“We’re Early!”

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Astronauts on space shuttle get wake-up call from Captain Kirk

Crew's on-board space shuttle missions frequently get pieces of songs played for them as a “wake-up call,” and occasionally they get a special treat. Lately, the team of the Space Shuttle Discovery got just such a call from Captain Kirk. William Shatner recorded a custom monologue to go with the theme from the original series of “Star Trek,” which NASA played for the astronauts. However, the mission will come to a bittersweet end as this is the last mission for the shuttle Discovery.

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