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The Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

"...authors create and distribute their work, and readers, individually and collectively, including fans as well as editors and peers, review, comment, rank, and tag, everything."
-- from Social Publishing

Immobile Suit Gundam

Last night my son asked me, "Why do they call it 'Mobile Suit Gundam'?" I had to think about it...

Dr. Hidekatsu Shibata raised his eyes from the cosmoscope. There was no question about it at all. The Zeon forces had returned, and their attack on the Earth had begun. He nodded once, for this was the moment he had been preparing for nearly all his life.

La voyage dans la Lune, Chapter 2

(Part 5 of ?)

The next day passed uneventfully, though not swiftly. Kevin had a dreadful time paying attention to whatever he was supposed to be doing. He was most definitely not in the moment.

When night came he left his robes with Fiona and made his way down to the water again. He made a wide circle around the pool. Eventually he came to a spot where he could vault over the river, instead of flying. He ducked down and crept from one boulder to another.

Good news, everyone! Or: Well, um... she's not dead.

Maura had a CT scan Tuesday, and the doc said it was the best he had seen since the whole mess started. The banshee will have to wait a while longer for this one.

Managed to finish an 8k word short yesterday, a mere seven weeks behind my self-imposed deadline. The next one's due in December. Yes, I am procrastinating today. Trying to remember to breathe. Scan time is always freakout time because it takes about a week from the doc asking for a scan to going over the results. *whew*

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The green light at the the corner of Garland and Main shines like a leprechaun's green, shines like kryptonite, like lasers and Las Vegas, all green and unearthly. It's powered by glowbugs that were originally from the Amazonian jungle. These glowbugs drink the sap from trees. Bacteria in the guts of the glowbugs convert the stored sunlight from the sap into an incandescent juice. While most living things that produce light do so in a cold chemical reaction, these glowbugs burn the juice and their shells are a clear chitinous prism which make the light twinkle green like moonrocks.

Come walk with me

"Come walk with me" I said, and extended my hand to her as she arrived through the portal door. She looked at my outstretched hand, hesitating long enough that I thought she would refuse. We walked slowly, hand in hand, down the shiny tar road in the middle of the desert. The land around us was barren, the recent persistent lack of rain leading to cracks big enough that little furtive creatures darted in and out. Perhaps there was some moisture to be had deep inside the parched earth. Nothing grew though on either side of the road as far as the eye could see.

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The Investigation

Doc crashes through the door and slumps against it choking for oxygen. He is pouring sweat.

Timbot is agitated. Tang is oblivious, lost in his tablet. I offer Doc some water.

He eventually begins breathing close to normally and he tells me what has happened to him.

He tells me, quietly, that his license has been suspended pending an investigation into his shift-section. Everyone in his section has been put on paid hiatus until the investigation is completed.

Charles Brown of Locus, R.I.P.

Sad news to report to those of you who read the science-fiction trade magazine Locus: its co-founder and editor, Charles Brown has died at the age of 72.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him on a few occasions back in the 1990s when I was in the book trade, and he was always friendly and very committed to great books and stories. The world of science fiction will really miss him.

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Clean-up on Level Zero

Joe, two levels down from me, is trying not to appear to be eyeing the tit-mags. From my vantage point, however, he is quite obviously not reading the copy of Transworld Skateboard but staring — possibly open mouthed and drooling — at "Juggs". Not that I can blame him, Transworld is largely a sausage festival on wheels.

"Joseph here, is perusing the sexuality and photography periodicals." I announce. "He appears to be interested in primate mammalian females with giganticism of the mammary glands."

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New Space Opera 2: sf stories with sweep

Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan's new anthology The New Space Opera 2 came out today, featuring all original stories by me, John Scalzi, Robert Charles Wilson, Jay Lake, Garth Nix, Bruce Sterling, Elizabeth Moon, Justina Robson and many others. My story, "To Go Boldly," is a look at the LARPing ethic that lurks under the skin of any space navy.

Boing Boing:

A Dog's Life(Reboot - see intro to pt.1 blah blah blah etc. etc. and so forth ), Pt. III

The darkness faded to gray; then to light.


To black again. Thaaaaat hurt.

Hand over her eyes; one more time, now. SLOWLY.

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