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The Dark Mallard

Here's a story that I've been shopping around and getting nowhere. It's a zombie story, which is kind of a spoiler. I mean, it's about the first human victim of a zombie plague. And wouldn't you know it, the zombieism starts in Wisconsin's Northwoods. In the home of an affluent Mexican fella. I give you, the tale of The Dark Mallard.


Here's a submission for the Machine of Death anthology. I'm going to send it in a few weeks. Any help you guys could offer with this appreciated.
People will always try to beat the machine, but it may not be for the reasons you're expecting.

"Look." I sighed. "My employer has instituted mandatory testing. I have to find a way to beat the machine."
"Sheesus." Paul said. "Why'd you want to work for a bunch of pricks like that?"
"It's more of a calling" I said, lifting the top back on my trench coat showing him my white collar."

Origins of Shame.

Origins of Shame

This is a coming of middle-age story about a superhero involved a Midwestern branch of the Justice League, which was really a training ground/high school for “Metropolitan” heroes-proper. If the story sounds familiar, Your thinking of Disney’s “Sky High”. A lot of that movie was pretty much exactly what I created 15 years prior. That happens sometimes. I sat down with the task in mind of recreating our favorite hero from that JL Midwest Mythos.That’s this piece.

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