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Concrete Dust

Her ORACLE results and stats remain acceptable. Still, the new prescription compensates for hormonal deviation. The diluted sea breeze greets Paprika as she leaves the psychology dept’s building.

Her cell’s social radar temporarily blips as Dustin’s icon borders the designated parameter. Paprika shouldn’t show on his implant.

Either way, she’s hungry. The drive through screen shows the new salt restrictions. Home cooking sounds better.

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Electric Cigarette

After sun set the stars were still hid by Camden lights. Outside city limits you could see them between the satellites and planes zooming over the vertical farms. This city stopped sleeping a long time ago. From the bird’s eye view of all the people crowding her streets, you forget the two child policy is actually working. From ground zero, their med-mask covered faces blend and fade from your memory as soon as you’re past them.

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Yesterday Should've Been Glorious

I rerealize we’re our actions’ consequences as I look out the apartment window. Even with the tinted windows I still have to apply sunscreen. The people move like ripples while boarding/exiting the layers of monorails.

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The story genre stuck. Said wind drive's creator was a homosexual. The propulsion system theorectically works in using vaccum energy that'd simply go to waste in the "emptiness" of space. The small "spark" given off by manipulating the hole allows an actual movement of quantum mechanics in that the spinning of one particles moves in unison with those like it along a line not unlike ancient conveiyer belts. This new transportation's sopposed to pump out less than ten percent of the space damage warp drive does. Ofcourse it'll be a while before it totally works.

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I feel old. Daughter's grown up, but eats ice cream like a kid. Catches too big a male audience. W/o diplomatic immunity, Fed'd reprogram me or kill me. Place's filled w/humans, but she's flirt'n w/a klingon, my second least favorite species. Luckily only a few're left. Truce's I get a clean slate long as I stop selling, so it's temporary. Point is I'm enjoying a nice day out w/my daughter on the last natural quasar preserve. Gov't's trying to replace the stars w/one that'll never burn out so as to prevent a universal freeze from entropy. Keeps the Feds pretty busy.

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The screen lights up the room. The dreams fade as the alarm clock wakes Kamahl. The clock’s AI saves today’s neural response scan to the volume/pitch levels. Once he can tune it out, the AI will switch to a variant. Once up, Kamahl goes through the morning motions when preparing for work.

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Charlie D and The Fed pt.2

In the month leading up to our first buy, I learned about changes in relationships. History lecture went into the silliness of monogamy. At the time, humans were riddled w/ diseases from Aids to Zoonosis. Since teleportation allowed for the specific removal of diseased cells over an hour, discreetness of sexual partners was a thing of the past. This sexual revolution blew away everything before it. The word taboo only applied to yogurt ads now. Incest, as said in the documentary, "ain't no thang". Even now, I find things from my age that I will not cross in this age.

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Charlie D and The Fed pt.1

Ship's docked, so I hit up the bar. Every word glows green here. I don't speak Romulan, or anything but English, luckily that works everywhere in the universe. The drinks taste bad, but the alcohol has bite. At least the local ladies grow out their hair, the military ones are just rednecks with semi-mullets and shoulder pads. The planet seems odd with sophisticated country folk and idiotic city dwellers. The music is terrible, but I'm a fish out of time and water regarding most tastes. After ten drinks, I figured the closest hottie deserved to hear my life story.

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