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Stalker Prince 3

Act 1 Scene 3

Lisonse is shown waking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is consumed. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his work bike and heads out, limping slightly. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub slightly late. Mr. Chesney only gives him a look. Lisonse takes his packages but stops at one of the computers.

Mr.Chesney: “What are you doing?”

Lisonse: “I’m checking the public security cam site to see which routes are safe.”

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Stalker Prince2

Act 1 Scene 2

Lisonse leaves the community center on bike. Lisonse is shown riding subway. Once home, he logs on his computer and researches Mr.Walson.

Various minor articles are found. Community center contributions. Opponent of mandatory volunteering program. History in Survey Analysis. Business degree.

Lisonse is shown going to sleep in bed, then awaking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is taken out. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his other bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub and taps on staff door. Enter Mr. Chesney.

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Stalker Prince 1

Act 1 Scene1
Setting: Crowded party, full of chatter.

Protagonist is standing while sipping from cup. Mr. Richards taps him on the shoulder.

Mr. Richards: “I’ve been looking for you. I want to introduce someone to you.This is Mr.License.”

Lisonse: "Lisonse"

Mr.Walson: puts out hand to shake Lisonse's. “In any case, it’s a little peculiar to get a neighborhood transfer halfway through the season.”

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Door script

Location: Small windowless concrete room with barrel with insignia in corner.

Camera: Pointed at door. Room is dark, but light from outside room is showing through.
Sounds: People running. People breathing hard. Door knobs being checked.

Scene: two men in military outfits check door knob. Door swings open. Lights turn on. Both men realize room is small and leads no where. They’re about to check other rooms when groans and moans are heard.

Man #1: “Shit”

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100 Light Years At All Times

By this point, we already had each other’s time zones and calendars memorized. It’s roughly 14:45 in Yel’s time, giving us an hour or so of “alone time” before her afternoon classes. Her webcam was usually the high point of my day and I’d joked about having a flexible girlfriend more than a few times.

The rest of the time was spent messaging. Admittedly, it was high volume and low content, and I’d rather not imagine what the phone and internet costs would be without the cultural diversification deductions. Still, distance never stops being a factor.

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Empathy camp students seem to enjoy talking about prior system errors. Seemingly contradictory, the concept of human triumph over “fate” helps in rehabilitation.

Everyone knows violent thoughts are a sign, but not proof of, mental illness. Past individuals attempted to adapt by trying to equate the emphasis of killing thoughts to the emphasis of contact sports, giving social intelligence engineers an opportunity to acquire data on abstract value discrimination.

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Officer Clarence,

We’ve been at this a while. You’ll almost catch me and end up reading these letters. No evidence. No witnesses. I hope you’ve been watching the movies I suggest. For character depth sake, I’d like you to know me, but it’s hard to remember a single origin story at a time.

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Good Little Boy

Past the preview station is the waiting area. I’ve probably already been scanned for mal intent. I assume the smart gel approved. The neuron batch can’t send me to empathy camp, but my heart rate’s raised. The girl near the window’s cute.

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Albatross from My Father pg.2

During the clean up, T. Gondii victims out of range for induced aggression and immune survivors were quarantined with all non-latent infected individuals released after antibiotic treatment. This reconstruction period saw food preservative reintroductions and increased plastics reliance.

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Albatross from My Father

To understand the difference between the first outbreak and the second outbreak, we need to start with a little history. While Toxoplasma Gondii doesn’t appear in any remains prior to 3000 B.C., the transition from hunter gather into food producing nations prepared populations large enough to sustain and slowly spread the parasites across most to the world’s population.

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